Tranquil In Nature's Grace T·I·N·G

I, Shaun “Ting” Carr, have been writing music sense 1999 trying to formulate what you would call a signature sound. It is an interesting, mellow music concept inspired by these five artists: Enya, Enigma, Yanni, Adiemus, and Christopher Franke. My band name started out as Ting, witch then changed to Tranquil In Nature’s Grace “t.i.n.g”. I changed the name because I felt the music needed a name that described what it truly was. Each of my past releases “Listen Now Hear Me” “The Sound Within” Quiet Whispers Of Sadness” and “Winter Favorites” are good examples of how I have morphed into what I would say is my best work ever “Walk With Trees”. Not yet released, this 2-Disk Set/Book will have finally brought together all the elements of music and artistic styles that I love. These music styles include Rock, World, New Age, Techno, Celtic, Classical, and Hip-Hop. I have also brought back Theresa to sing some very enchanting melodies for you along with myself. My good friend Ian Jones has also become a part of this new project by playing guitar in some of the songs.

We hope to have the album ready soon! and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the music. Click Here or some photos


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